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Tesla Model S Plaid – 520+ Mile Range, 0-60 In Under 2s, 200mph Top Speed

Tesla Model S Plaid

Towards the end of Tuesday’s “Battery Day” presentation, Elon Musk showed off a video of the upcoming Tesla Model S Plaid lapping the iconic Laguna Seca in a blazing 1:30.3 seconds. For context, that’s almost exactly the same lap time Randy Pobst posted in the 991-gen Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Needless to say, the Model S Plaid is REALLY fast.

We have heard rumors and seen spy photos of the elusive Model S Plaid in the past, with Elon making some pretty wild claims. But this is the first time they’ve shown us what the car can really do. And it completely lives up to the hype!

Sorry Lucid Air, but Elon just ate your lunch, stealing your limelight just a few weeks after you boasted the Air’s huge range and performance numbers. Here’s some in-car footage from the Laguna Seca run:

What’s more, this isn’t just some one-off prototype, with Elon Musk confirming that the order banks were open for the 1100 HP Model S, with a starting price of $139,990. So what exactly do you get for all this money over the “regular” Model S?

Speed, and lots of it. Not to mention some impressive range. The new tri-motor Model S Plaid boasts a 0-to-60 time of under two seconds, a sub-9 second 1/4 mile time, a top speed of over 200 mph, and more than 520 miles of range. That’s insane!

For those of you keeping score, that’s the quickest 0-60 time and 1/4-mile acceleration of any production car ever. Oh yeah, and it’s $30K cheaper than the Lucid Air and $45K cheaper than the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. [Mic drop]

Tesla Model S Plaid

You can place your order for a Tesla Model S Plaid now, with delivers to begin in “late 2021” and a $1,000 fully refundable deposit required to secure your place in line.

As with all things Tesla, that time frame may not be 100% accurate, but seeing as how this is just a motor upgrade and not them building a whole new car, we’re hopeful that they hit their late 2021 target.

What do you think of the Tesla Model S Plaid?

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