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Tesla’s Upcoming Update 8.0 Promises To Be Their Biggest To Date

Tesla 8.0 software update

One of the coolest Tesla features is their ability to receive software updates over-the-air. Just imagine getting into your car in the morning after an update happened and discovering that your car can now drive itself! (“Hey, what’s this Autopilot button do?”)

Ok, so maybe the updates aren’t that dramatic, but according to Electrek, Tesla’s upcoming 8.0 update will be one of their biggest to date. The automaker started testing the latest beta with a limited number of Model S and X owners, and here’s what we know about the new update:

Autopilot – The autopilot system is now one-step closer to being fully-autonomous with the addition of automatic off-ramp with the turn signal. Much like Tesla’s current automatic lane change with the turn signal when on Autosteer, the 8.0 update will allow drivers to command the Autopilot to take an exit by simply activating the turn signal. The update also improves the Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer for a smoother experience in traffic.

UI Refresh – This marks Tesla’s first major UI update since its head of UI/UX left. The most noticeable change for Model S and X owners is the redesign of the map and navigation interface. In addition, voice commands have been significantly improved by removing the need to hold the button to use it. The media player also gets significantly updated, but still no Spotify for US owners, at least not in the 8.0 update.

Tesla 8.0 navigation screen

As for when the update will be released to the general public, that’s anyone’s guess. We’re guessing owners will see the update within the next few months.

If you’re a Tesla owner who’s part of the beta program, we’d love to hear your feedback on this update!

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