Lexus and Rhys Millen Shatter Expectations In “The Crystal Gauntlet”

Any high performance car can sparkle on a racetrack. But what about in a room full of really expensive crystal? With a less-than-subtle nod to their legendary Lexus LS 400 commercial (where they balanced a stack of champagne glasses on the hood of a running car to show how smooth it was), Lexus is back with a new video titled The Crystal Gauntlet.

So what happens when you unleash extraordinary power in a room full of exquisite Baccarat crystal? Watch drift world champion Rhys Millen get behind the wheel of the powerful GS F, RC F and LC 500 and does stunts while coming dangerously close to the pricey wares.

Lucky for him (and Lexus), no crystal was harmed in the making of the spot. Check it out and let us know what you think of The Crystal Gauntlet!

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